Multi-Frequency Cloning Remote Control (Yellow)

This device is able to duplicate several types of remote control for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, which transmit in frequencies between 286 and 868 MHz (433.92, 868.3, 315, 403.55, 418MHz, and all frequencies between 286 and 390 MHz).

Duplication is very easy: both frequency and code is learned automatically, without the need of external equipment.

Each button is independent, so it's possible to clone up to 4 different remote controls, even if they operates in different frequencies. For example, you can duplicate CAME TOP432 (433.92 MHz) on button 1, HORMANN HSM4 (868.3) on button 2, LIFTMASTER 63LM (390 MHz) on button 3 and LINEAR Multicode (300 MHz) on button 4. Any supported code and frequency combination is possible. Look at the compatibility table above!

The remote control is made in EU, supplied in a nice blister pack, with instructions printed in several languages, 3V battery already installed, key ring, and 2 year warranty.

Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers so you always have a backup: 
1. Vehicle central locking systems  
2. Garage doors  
3. Electronic gates  
4. Electrical appliances/Home automation i.e. lights
5. Car sunroofs  
6. Car/Motorbike alarms
Easy to use, the 4 channel remote control system lets you take control of your gadgets,  car, home and garage.

How to Program (it's easy!):

1. Press together buttons 1 and 2, until LED becomes green.

2. Release all buttons.

3. Press once the button where you wish to duplicate the original remote control.

4. Start to transmit by pressing and holding the button on the original remote control, keeping it at 10cm from this device.

When duplication ends, LED flashes 2 times. Then LED becomes green and duplication procedure restart from point 3. After duplication, each button should be pressed at least 2 times to assure that the gate or garage works correctly.

 The remote programs in the same way as this model: